By Paddy McEvoy


Little did we know as we chatted in the car-park that we were about to be transported on an odyssey that would cross the divide between the now and the dream-time. To say this was a multi-media event would be to seriously misrepresent the magical fusion of the visual, the aural and the transcendent which was to be our good fortune to experience.


In Irish culture there is the the aisling (ashling), or dream-poem, in which the speir-bhean (spare-van) or 'woman from the skies' appears to the human. Kerry's evocative lyrics  delivered in ethereal fashion, conjured up a folk memory that transfixed her audience with evocations of an ever-present ancestry. The haunting, elemental quality of her voice, a Fenland reed shaken by the wind, is that of the true artist.


It was an exquisite piece of choreography from beginning to end. It is a evening that will live long with that lucky, select group fortunate to have experienced it. It is an evening that deserves to be experienced by many more audiences. It was an evening to salve smarting spirits and to soothe stressed souls.

Kerry Devine embraced us in her bower of safety. Her themes are based on a profound and loving connection with her native Fenland waterland, but they are themes that are universal in their truth.


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By Nick Thompson 

It was truly special. Kerry has come into her own and is up their with the regions top artists (in any field or fen). The evening was really well thought out and was a surprising journey into the unknown.

Accompanied by Abid and Nathan,  Kerry showcased her talent with poise, originality and skill. She demonstrated the pure yet soulful tone of her voice and her pitch was flawless. 

By David Rushmer 

It was a really special night, wonderful performances from all, which did justice to the beautiful setting. Thank you so much

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