Album - Away From Mountains
Recorded at Fotheringhay Church and Chime Studios. Released in 2018.
Available on Vinyl, Cd and Digitally.
Single - Work You
Produced by Benny Turner
Mastered at Metropolis
from Away From Mountains, released May 11, 2018
Split Double - Flowers/Vehicle
Split Double A-side Maija Sofia + Kerry Devine

The 7" vinyl, features the single 'Flowers' by Irish singer Maija Sofia & 'Vehicle' by Kerry Devine, download includes MP3 back catalogue from both artists.
DJ Harold - Another Fine Day
Collaboration with Harold Sounds.

Lyrics written by Kerry Devine

Recorded in Cambridge
The Seven Oracles of Gog Magog
A collaboration with Paul Rooney

released June 11, 2018

EP - For The Sky
released May 31, 2015

All songs written by Howard Mills

Vocals - Kerry Devine
Howard Mills - Guitar
Oscar Cainer - Double Bass
Alex Lynch - Piano
Unreleased - Fools The Fall
recorded at Chime Studios, Peterborough, UK and Half ton Studios, Cambridge UK. Unreleased.
Unreleased - Early Riser
recorded on a zoom mic in Cambridgeshire. Unreleased.
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